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We are a community of experts and specialists. The body and mind working in conjunction at the highest athletic capacity is no easy feat. We operate with a variety of highly motivated professionals who are experts in their respective fields to coach and educate our athletes.


Head Trainer & Program Director


Michael's passion in working with athletes revolves around long term development and nailing the technical details before loading the barbell with weight. He is a former competitive Olympic Weightlifter and specializes in power development. The coordination and rapid speed at which Olympic lifts are executed command similar muscle groups players and goalies recruit when exploding past a defender or moving post to post.

Mike's keen eye for detail and relentless quest for knowledge make him a favorite amongst athletes. 'Education First' is the foundation of his philosophy. Mike will challenge you not only physically but mentally. 


Owner Operator at Capital Rehab


As owner of the CapitalATR, Tony is very proud to work along side the amazing team at Ottawa’s Premier Sports Therapy Clinic.


Tony’s therapy focus is on correcting mechanical alignment issues that cause sports injuries and chronic pain. Using techniques such as Muscle Energy, soft tissues release, myofascial release and other proactive strategies, Tony’s goal is to restore balance and mechanical function.  One of Tony’s strengths is to help his clients understand their condition so together he and the client can plan and execute a sound recovery.


Tony brings a vast experience to the CapitalATR team.  Prior to spending 11 years with Hockey Canada’s Sledge Hockey Program as the team’s Head Athletic Therapist and High Performance Coordinator, Tony spent some time working in the CFL, Canadian Professional Soccer League, NCAA div2 basketball and the Canadian College Hockey League.  Tony has along represented Canada at the international level by being part of the medical team at the 2006 Torino Paralympics, 2010 Vancouver Paralympics and 2014 Sochi Paralympics.


Along with his therapy experience, Tony has had the fortune to be a guest speaker at various international conferences speaking on a multitude of topics such as hockey injuries, core training specificity, and Paralympic Disability in sport. Tony has also authored a core training manual for athletes with disabilities.


When not working, Tony can be found playing soccer, trail running, stand up paddling, hiking with his dog. As a certified Level 1 High Performance hockey coach, he also dedicates some his spare time coaching competitive youth hockey.



Lara has been a fitness enthusiast her whole life. She has spent most of her athletic carreer competitively dancing. After completing a 4 year bachelor in honours of medical sciences, she refined her knowledge of physiology training for 1 year in physiotherapy. She ultimately chose to pursue her passion in medicine.


She joined our team at Rideau Crossing Family Health Centre located in Kemptville after locum work at University of Ottawa’s Clinic and Renfrew Victoria Hospital. She has special interests in Emergency Medicine, Preventive Medicine and Sports Medicine, nutrition and women’s health. Her passions outside her work include maintaining a healthful and active lifestyle, travel and enjoying time with family and friends. Rideau Crossing was pleased to have Dr. Gizzi join us in February 2018. She is still accepting new patients at this time.

She is also an avid runner and strength trainer.

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Training at Complete Athletics with Michael Ho has greatly improved my overall sport specific athletic ability. Training at CA has given me confidence! Mike has rooted the mindset of “I CAN do this” instead of “Um, I can’t do that”. He was a huge factor in helping me make Team Ontario U18. He identified crucial fitness testing goals I needed to achieve, in which I drastically improved my standing broad jump results. My progarm is completely custom to my individuals needs. He helps athletes improve their speed, strength and balance specific to their sport.


I’ve never had a gym related injury from working out under Michael’s guidance for the past four years. Injury prevention is a crucial part in my program. I've integrated deep tissue work ensuring I'm not as sore, stay strong, and helps delay possible hip surgery.


Everybody at CA and the CHDC is fantastic. It makes you want to go there because it’s a positive, happy, judge free zone, and an overall great environment to be in. Mike even taught me math for the ACT test, so now I can go play NCAA Division 1 hockey!  Thanks to Mike and the staff.



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